Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The joys of ownership

Well... I've had the bike for about 5 months now.  To summarise a lot of what you'll read below - the bike is performing really well with a couple of niggly problems that need to be ironed out.

Over the last 5 months it's covered over 6.6km and taken in a variety of sights around the UK.
(left to right - Dent railway station / Viaduct - North Yorkshire, Albert Docks - Liverpool & Fountains Abbey - North Yorkshire)

The engine appears to be settling in well.  A slight whine, but I think that's me more used to a carbureted engine rather than fuel injected one.  It can cruise quite nicely at 70mph without feeling strained too much.

Still got the issue with the LED side lights...  As you can probably see from the first picture, I'm now down to no more than about 2/3 of them correctly working.  Informed my local dealer (P and D Motorcycles, Wakefield) of the problem to be told it was probably because I'd had an aftermarket alarm installed and it had caught some connectors causing an intermittent fault.  On closer inspection this appears to be complete rubbish.  Having given the problem a good look over it looks as if one or more LEDs have failed on each side of the bike (each on their own circuit board) that have caused a number of the other LEDs to work intermittently / fail.  Having spoken to Sym it appears they're aware of a problem and are now willing to fix the issue under warranty via another dealer.

A word to the wise...  Don't get a black bike!  Not that I'm vain or anything, but it shows up everything!  I use the bike 7 days a week, 365 days of the year so it gets a fair beating.  There's nothing worse than your pride and joy getting a scratch on it. :)

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