Sunday, 29 September 2013

Still waiting...

Well... it's been well over a month since my last post and I'm still awaiting a successful outcome from the warranty claim on the daylight running lights on the Joymax... - Yep I'm getting rather fed up!

Having been let down by my original dealer, I spoke to SYM who seemed to be aware of the issue and suggested looking at filing a warranty claim with another local dealership. Been fairly local to where I live I decided to choose Padgetts in Batley, West Yorkshire who filed a claim for me which was accepted and put into action.

Weeks have passed since filing the claim and all I seem to get from either SYM UK is different stories on where my replacement part is (either in Taiwan or Bulgaria) or in a bunch of boxes they haven't got a clue what's in... or Padgetts who seem to be under the impression I should be doing all the donkey work rather than them...

And they wonder why dealerships are going to the wall...


  1. Hi Paul! I'm from Barcelona (Spain). First of all, sorry about my poor english.
    I bought a Joymax 125 (without 'i') last february. And nuw, just one month ago I detected the same problem than you: some of (a lot of) led lights have died. But I have seen that they are not fused, because sometimes (on the morning, when I turn on the bike), all oh them shine!! But only few seconds after, some of them turn off, other ones blink for a while and, finally, only four leds in a side six in the other stay alive.
    My dealer have told I mustn't be worried because it fits into the warranty, sure. But he (and I) are waiting for the spare parts or for the solution or for whatever since then.

  2. Interesting... Have to admit I was slightly dubious as to if I'd somehow managed to cause the problem myself - although I know full well I haven't.

    One of the guys from Sym UK did say he was aware of a problem when I finally managed to sort out my warranty claim, so it does look as if it's an inherent problem with the LEDs on some SYM models.

    I asked to speak to one of the UK managers on the 07/10/2013. I was told they had a shipment of 5 units they were expecting the following week, so I'll be on the phone early next week to make sure they've shown up. to say I'm getting fed up would be somewhat of an understatement...

    From speaking to one of the UK guys, it sounds like it will end being a full front fairing replacment rather than just LED circuit board. - Nice money saving exercise...

  3. Have you (they) solved your problem? Yesterday I had a call from my dealer. He had just received spare parts so I can go there when I want (when I can). I don't know if they will change only led stripes, or full front fares or perhaps whole lighting system! When I know I''ll comment

    1. Looks like Sym / MotoGB may well have sent parts out overnight after a chase-up call yesterday. Got a call from my local dealer today to say they've finally got the parts in. Not going to to be able to get them fitted until Monday (04.11.2013) at the earliest, so I'll let you know what the parts were / how it went.

  4. Had the Daylight Running Lights replaced today under warranty. By the sounds of it SYM just sent over the replacement circuit boards. Everything seems to be working fine. Bike wasn't starting the best when I picked it up, but I'm presuming they may well have left the lights on too long. Gonna keep an eye on it and make sure nothing has been disturbed.