Friday, 17 May 2013

The gremlins are taking hold

Looks like the gremlins are starting to take hold. :(  The bike is barely 3 months old and already I've lost 7 of the LED lights (both front and rear) as well as a new problem with the speedo...

Whilst traveling into work the other day I noticed that speedo needle was no longer moving and I was getting no increase in millage from the electronic trip counter.  From what I can gather, as well as experience of similar problems on Italian based scooters, I'm imagining it to be a problem with the speedo sensor.  - They've got a bad habit of picking up road dirt / rain water and getting damaged quite easily.

Thankfully, from speaking to the dealer where I originally purchased the bike from, each of the problem items should be covered by the 3 year warranty.

As of today (1 day after posting) the speedo seems to have sprung back into life.  It must be either a faulty connection or some water / dirt has got into the sensor.  Hopefully they'll replace the full part as part of the bikes 3000km service.

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