Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pre Sym Thoughts

After much searching on the net I've struggled to find any concrete information about the Sym Joymax 125.  You'll find plenty of videos about previous models (the GTS / Evo) and the current 300cc variant but little information about its smaller brother the 125.

Up until now I've owned a series of small, medium and maxi-scooters.  I've experimented with:
  • Peugeot WRC 206 100cc x 2
  • Peugeot Elystar 125cc
  • Piaggio x8 125cc
  • Piaggio xEvo 125cc
  • Piaggio X9 125cc
  • Aprilia Atlantic 125cc
All have performed well up until the poor Atlantic deiced to seize its engine and leave me with little option than to look at a new bike.  Having experimented with the Italian market I figured it was time to try something new and look at the Sym models.  I've ridden 125 and 200cc variants of the Joyride over in Greece / Cyprus and always found them a great ride / really well pulling machines.  Others I know have commented on their reliability so I thought I'd give them a go...

I've placed an order for a black 2013 model Joymax 125i.  From what I can tell it's the 125 fuel injected version of what used to be the GTS.  Sym appear to have played around with the model titles that much from market to market it becomes hard to establish exactly which model is which.  I'm quite sure I've bought the latest model - least I hope so... :)

From doing a bit of searching around the 125i seems to be pretty well specced machine.  Details can be found at:

From what I can tell, the only missing part on the 125cc model (apart from the engine obviously) compared to the 300 appears to be the lack of integrated fog lights.  No idea if the wiring loom is included, but I'll have a closer look when I pick the bike up...

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