Friday, 22 March 2013

300km (first) Service

Well, the bike went in for it's first service yesterday.  Have to admit I was rather dubious of the need for a service at only 300km, I can cover that distance in the best part of a week!  Apparently it's the norm to ensure that the bike has been correctly run-in and no foreign object have appeared in the oil etc...

The service schedule for the Sym is:

  • Pre-Delivery Inspection
  • 300km First Service
  • 3,000km / 3 months

then every other 3,000 / 3 month interval.

The breakdown of my 300km service was:

  • Environmental Charge - £3.50
  • Workshop Oil - £6.50
  • Grease / Lubes - £1.00
  • Labour For Parts - £55.00
Inclusive of VAT I was looking at a total bill of £81.24.  A tad expensive for an oil change...

Due to the bike been stored outside I needed the centre stand and lock cover greasing due to them not correctly springing back into their retaining space.  Other than that there was little to do to the bike.  Looks as if the shop even gave it a good clean for me! :D

Although the bike has a 3 year warranty you're hands are somewhat tied into ensuring the bike follows it's correct service intervals.  Think it's time to learn how to change the oil myself to cut down on some of the overall costs.

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