Saturday, 16 March 2013

First 300km

I picked up my new Sym Joymax 125i on the 9th March 2013 from P and D Motorcycles in Wakefield, West Yorkshire - England.  From what I can gather I'm the first to take on board one of the new models, so I hope I don't become the guinepig for future buyers...

Sym Joymax 300i in white.The dealership had the 300i in white (very in colour at the moment) as well my 125i in black.  I was tempted to go with a white version of the 125 but I've heard of long wait times so I opted to go with the black model that was sat there waiting to be bought.

The 125i cost me £3499 + £71 for registration and road tax.  Personally I think that was a fair price considering Piaggio are asking nearly £4,000 for their 125 models.  I opted for finance anyhow which left me little scope to look at reducing the price through discounted on-the-road deals etc...

I've been riding the bike for about a week now, covering just over 250km. - Mainly 20 mile round trips between work and home.  The tank was just over half full when I picked the bike up and has cost me £14.47 (10.49 LTR @ 1.379 per LTR) to fill the tank from nearly empty to the brim.  So far I've covered about 60km and the needle is still fixed on full. - Here's hoping it's not a faulty fuel gauge.

Link to my Fuelly account showing how the bike is doing on MPG.

So here's a few pictures of the bike...

The bike has a great street presence added to by the inclusion of a passenger back rest - taking it away from the standard sports scooter look.  Unlike many other models both lights are lit when the bike runs in either running or full-beam mode.  The inclusion of the LED accent lights give the bike a modern look.  The indicator LEDs in the mirrors are bright and can easily be seen by other motorists.  Unfortunately the fog light option below the headlights isn't included on the 125 models and just has the bulbs installed.  A closer look in the future may provide answers on if this is an easy add-on install or not...

Unlike many other maxi-scooters in its class the SYM comes with a 125cc fuel injected engine.  Hopefully this should cut down on many of the cold start / running problems seen by other caburatted models.  The bike is well specced up with both dual rear (adjustable) shocks and linked front and rear brakes.  The only downside seems to be the inclusion of a mild steel exhaust rather than a stainless option.  Something that wont last too long to the muck and rubish the English weather will throw at it.  Others have commented on a price tag of nearly £400 to replace this!

Under the steering colum you'll find the key hole as well as the button for the hazard warning lights.  As mentioned earlier, unfortunately the button for the integrated fog lights has been left off the 125 model.  SYM have decided to add a security measure in which you will need to insert part of the key into a hexagon shape to the right of the key hole.  All fine and well until you've got a pair of gloves on / try it in the dark.  That and you can see the key becoming worn and a pain to fit once its used a few times...

The bike has great under seat storage.  For me there's enough room for my flip front Caberg Justissimo helmet as well as open faced helmet to the front of the compartment.  Certainly more than enough room to get a few bags of shopping in there. :)


  1. Hi, did you manage to install fog lights?

  2. I thought about it, but it was too much hassle trying to sort out parts. Not sure how much of a similarity the 125i has has to the 300i when it comes to the wiring loom. If they share the same setup I presume it would be as simple as replacing the hazard warning buttons and connecting the extra part of the loom. Then there's a case of if the mountings are their for the bulbs or not. Not had a good look to be honest. I need to replace the LED lights once again, so I might have a closer look when i get onto sorting them out.