Sunday, 15 June 2014

Oh... Not again...

Unfortunately after a few months of riding the Joymax has developed the same problem with the front LED running lights.  A couple of the bulbs are starting to flicker like I had on the previous set.  Okay you might think... until you get pulled by the cops for having faulty lights - thankfully not happened.

I called into the local dealers (Padgets, Dewsbury) to follow-up on the last warranty claim.  They made a phone call to SYM and got told that the person they needed to talk to was on lunch.  - Apparently I was expected to wait there like a spare part until said employee came back.  - and they wonder why they loose customers...  Customer service people!  I left after 20 minutes of pacing up and down and told them I'd call in later.

Anyway, my next post will make this all fairly academic... :)

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