Monday, 24 March 2014

12k service

Just got the Sym back from its 12,000 service.

As mentioned in a previous post, there wasn't a vast amount that needed to be done.  Mainly minor niggles and wear and tear items that needed to be replaced.

A breakdown of costings were:
  • EBC Rear Brake Pads - £6.64
  • Drive Belt - £42.98
  • Oil (0.80 ltr) - £5.20
  • Grease / Lubes - £3.00
  • Environmental Charge - £3.50
  • Labour Charges - £43.00
  • Vat @ 20% - £20.87
Total Charge: £125.19

The major item that seemed to cause problems this time around was the replacement of the speedo sensor that runs from the front wheel to the clock binnacle.  Although the dealer was nice enough to offer a courtesy bike (a Honda S-Wing / FES 125) Sym took well over 4 weeks to supply the correct part (sending the wrong one more than once).

As mentioned in an earlier post the idea of spending £100 every 3 months doesn't fill me with joy, but I'm aware it certainly could be a lot more with other models / dealers.

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