Wednesday, 27 August 2014

15,000 km service

It's that time again.  The Joymax has reached its 15,000km service at just over 16 months old.  Major items that needed to be looked at were:

  • Rear wheel bearings - these were apparently some of the worst the mechanic at the dealership had seen and were begining to affect the oil in the gearbox etc.
  • Rear brake disc - had this replaced as it was developing a lip on the outer edge.  I'd thought the grinding noise from bearings was partly down to dodgy brake pads / disc.  Turns out the pads were fine and the disc probably didn't need replacing yet.  Oh well, I've got a spare...

Other than the above the bike just had a regular service including the following items:

  • Rear Brake Disc (sourced from SYM) - £76.95
  • Carriage Costs - £5.95
  • Sundries - £3.00
  • Workshop Oil (0.80 ltr) - £5.20
  • Gearbox Oil - £3.62
  • Environmental Charge - £3.50
  • Labour Charges - £43.00
  • Vat @ 20% - £28.24
Total Charge: £169.46

Still waiting for my replacement front mudguard from SYM and chasing up the dealership for a replacement exhaust heat-shield that appears to have been damaged prior to me picking the bike up after the insurance repairs.   

The bearings took over a week to show up and the mudguard has been ongoing since mid June.  Bearing in mind this is a bike that is on sale / in production it disappoints me how long lead times are.


  1. Hi,
    I have just come across your blog. I am thinking of buying the Joymax 300i. Would you still recommend this bike?
    I took one for a short test ride and one small problem I found was the position of the mirrors. Half the view in them was of my arms and shoulders.
    Otherwise are there any other issues I should be aware of? Would you recommend this bike over the equivalent Honda, Yamaha etc?
    Any advice would be most welcome!

  2. Hi Simon,

    Third time lucky, I hope. Grrrr! :)

    I agree with you on the mirrors. They just needed to be that extra inch out so you could see past your arms. Think the Taiwanese must be a little more minuscule than us Brits. :)

    As for the bike overall.... My main gripe at the moment has to be after sales service. I've only just got my bike back after waiting nearly 6 months for parts to arrive. I'll look at putting up a post later explaining what's happened.

    Other issues I've had are:

    - Failed rear wheel bearings causing excessive movement on the rear wheel
    - Oil leak from the engine casing
    - Cracked rear wheel - no doubt as part of the bearings issue
    - Failed LED side lights - poor quality LEDs / system - confirmed by an auto electrician
    - Intermittent loss of power / RPM when damp - comes back after a few hundred yards
    - Cheap plastic heat shield that breaks at the slightest knock

    Other than that everything is fine... :) The bike is quite well made for it's price point. The 300i has ABS I believe so that makes it great value for money in its class. You just need to consider the price, how much you're going to use it and what support you want from the dealerships / importers. The likes of Honda / Yamaha have a far stronger support network / access to parts etc. Another thing to bear in mind is the service intervals - SYM have theirs at every 3000km whereas some other companies have theirs slightly longer.

    Hope that's of some help.


  3. Tyre pressure for a sym joy max 125 I