Friday, 8 November 2013

Finally Sorted

Finally after the best part of 4 months chasing both SYM UK (Moto GB) and two local dealers (P and D Motorcycles, Wakefield / Padgetts, Dewsbury) I've managed to get my daylight running lights sorted on the Joymax.  The replacements  came in the form of the two integrated circuit boards in which the LEDs sit and were fitted within the space of a couple of hours.

Thanks to Padgetts for taking up the warranty and fitting the lights once they came in.

You only have to read my previous posts to get an idea of my opinion on the overall process.  Poor customer service and drawn out lead times.  The reason scooter dealerships are going under on a weekly basis!


  1. Glad you got it sorted,been following your posts,I too have the same model bought in January this year and although I have only covered 1200 kms haven't had any problems with it.Mike

    1. I don't think the LEDs were secure in their fixings, so once one LED worked its way loose it caused others to fail due to voltage changes. Other than the lights the bike has been running great. In all honesty, I've given SYM a hard time, but the likes of many other well known Italian brands aren't much better. :)

    2. Finally they have solved my problem, led problem, too. They told me that they changed all the led stripe, both of them, and I must believe them!!
      Well I wish you enjoy this bike as much as I do. I think I made a very good choice. Perhaps it has a short engine, (it's a 125cc !!) I mean for a long journeys, on main roads or on autoroutes, but it's not my case. I use it, dayly, to move by the city and it's very comfortable, for one or also for two people, and the space under the seat is incredible. Those were some of the reasons that made me bet for this model (and obviusly the prize!!). Not only italian but also Japanish brands (Honda, Yamaha..) can be better or not, I'm not sure, but they are much more expensives, that's clear.

    3. Great to hear you got your lights sorted too! As you mention, the Joymax is great for every day travel and can quite easily cruise on the A-roads / highways at a steady 100kph. I think the price point is great when you look at simular models in its class. SYM just need to look at trying to increase the distance between service intervals - 3,000km is just way too short for the average rider.